Best Red Wine Sangria

People say that summer is the time best time to enjoy the perfect red wine sangria. In my opinion ANY time is the perfect time to savour this perfect tipple.

A large jug of this fruity flavoured and rich drink is one of the finer pleasures in life. Whether it is sitting on the porch sipping away or enjoying a night in with friends. Sangria has to be one of the best drinks around.

A decent red wine sangria doesn’t have to be expensive or take loads of time. Follow the directions below and you will have the best red wine sangria possible.

First of all, make sure you have the perfect pitcher to serve your superb sangria in. No matter how it tastes a pretty pitcher will make all the difference.

Lets Look At Fruit
There are common fruits used in Sangria. The most common being:
It is totally up to you which one you choose.

Again, this is up to you how or if you would like to sweeten your Sangria. Would you prefer glucose, honey, syrup or sugar?

Best Wine

Now for the big decision…which red wine to choose.
In reality it doesn’t matter! Yep, it’s true. If your wine is red it can go in a Sangria.
Choice is the biggest factor here. Cheaper wines are helped along by all the other ingredients which are thrown in the pitcher so as long as it isn’t too cheap, you will make a perfect drink.

Try the following for a perfect drink.
One bottle of redHalf a cup of brandyQuarter of a cup of orange liquerTwo cups of sparkling waterHalf a diced pearOne diced appleOne cup of chopped pineappleTwo peeled oranges

Combine everything but the sparkling water and stir well. Chill as long as possible and add the water just before drinking.

Thoroughly enjoy this perfect drink with a great cheese platter and some amazing friends.